Recent publications

Recent publications

Author Title Year
Jana Škerlová, Aram Ismail, Helena Lindström,
et al.
Structural and functional analysis of the inhibition of equine glutathione transferase A3-3 by organotin endocrine disrupting pollutants 2021
Pontus Pettersson, Joan Patrick, Mario Jakob,
et al.
Soluble TatA forms oligomers that interact with membranes : Structure and insertion studies of a versatile protein transporter 2021
Camilla U. Niklasson, Elina Fredlund, Emanuela Monni,
et al.
Hypoxia inducible factor-2 alpha importance for migration, proliferation, and self-renewal of trunk neural crest cells 2020
Giulia Zanni, Shinobu Goto, Adamantia F. Fragopoulou,
et al.
Lithium treatment reverses irradiation-induced changes in rodent neural progenitors and rescues cognition 2021
Nathalie Acevedo, Giovanni Scala, Simon Kebede Merid,
et al.
DNA Methylation Levels in Mononuclear Leukocytes from the Mother and Her Child Are Associated with IgE Sensitization to Allergens in Early Life 2021
Hongzhi Wang, Max Lallemang, Bianca Hermann,
et al.
ATP Impedes the Inhibitory Effect of Hsp90 on Aβ(40) Fibrillation 2021
Benjamin Wiseman, Ram Gopal Nitharwal, Göran Widmalm,
et al.
Structure of a full-length bacterial polysaccharide co-polymerase 2021
Anna K. Edlund
Plasma Apolipoprotein E3 and Glucose Levels Are Associated in APOE ɛ3/ɛ4 Carriers 2021
Naoto Iwakawa, Daichi Morimoto, Erik Walinda,
et al.
Transient Diffusive Interactions with a Protein Crowder Affect Aggregation Processes of Superoxide Dismutase 1 β-Barrel 2021
Jasna Bogdanska, Daniel Borg, Ulrika Bergström,
et al.
Tissue distribution of C-14-labelled perfluorooctanoic acid in adult mice after 1-5 days of dietary exposure to an experimental dose or a lower dose that resulted in blood levels similar to those detected in exposed humans 2019
Xiaoyan Qian, Kenneth D. Harris, Thomas Hauling,
et al.
Probabilistic cell typing enables fine mapping of closely related cell types in situ 2019
Judith Warnau, David Wöhlert, Kei-Ichi Okazaki,
et al.
Ion Binding and Selectivity of the Na+/H+ Antiporter MjNhaP1 from Experiment and Simulation 2020
Hannah Dawitz, Jacob Schäfer, Judith M. Schaart,
et al.
Rcf1 Modulates Cytochrome c Oxidase Activity Especially Under Energy-Demanding Conditions 2020
Pere Gelabert, Marcela Sandoval-Velasco, Aitor Serres,
et al.
Evolutionary History, Genomic Adaptation to Toxic Diet, and Extinction of the Carolina Parakeet 2020
Markel Martínez-Carranza, Pilar Blasco, Robert Gustafsson,
et al.
Synaptotagmin Binding to Botulinum Neurotoxins 2020
Johan Berg, Jian Liu, Emelie Svahn,
et al.
Structural changes at the surface of cytochrome c oxidase alter the proton-pumping stoichiometry 2020
Hao-Hsin Yu, Kentarou Sakamoto, Misao Akishiba,
et al.
Conversion of cationic amphiphilic lytic peptides to cell-penetration peptides 2019
Carmela Vazquez-Calvo, Tamara Suhm, Sabrina Büttner,
et al.
The basic machineries for mitochondrial protein quality control 2020
Yihan Shao, Ye Mei, Dage Sundholm,
et al.
Benchmarking the Performance of Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Methods on Biochromophores 2020
Risul Amin, Rui He, Dhanu Gupta,
et al.
The kidney injury caused by the onset of acute graft-versus-host disease is associated with down-regulation of alpha Klotho 2020
Wouter S. P. Jong, Corinne M. ten Hagen-Jongman, David Vikström,
et al.
Mutagenesis-Based Characterization and Improvement of a Novel Inclusion Body Tag 2020
Flavio Ballante, Axel Rudling, Alexey Zeifman,
et al.
Docking Finds GPCR Ligands in Dark Chemical Matter 2020
Jani Reddy Bolla, Robin A. Corey, Cagla Sahin,
et al.
A Mass-Spectrometry-Based Approach to Distinguish Annular and Specific Lipid Binding to Membrane Proteins 2020
Abdul Aziz Qureshi, Albert Suades, Rei Matsuoka,
et al.
The molecular basis for sugar import in malaria parasites 2020
Emma Scaletti, Magnus Claesson, Thomas Helleday,
et al.
The First Structure of an Active Mammalian dCTPase and its Complexes With Substrate Analogs and Products 2020
Elin Lundin, Chenglin Wu, Albin Widmark,
et al.
Spatiotemporal mapping of RNA editing in the developing mouse brain using in situ sequencing reveals regional and cell-type-specific regulation 2020
Pontus Pettersson, Andreas Barth
Correlations between the structure and the vibrational spectrum of the phosphate group. Implications for the analysis of an important functional group in phosphoproteins 2020
Emanuela Talamonti, Valeria Sasso, Hoi To,
et al.
Impairment of DHA synthesis alters the expression of neuronal plasticity markers and the brain inflammatory status in mice 2020
Alexandra Toth, Axel Meyrat, Stefan Stoldt,
et al.
Kinetic coupling of the respiratory chain with ATP synthase, but not proton gradients, drives ATP production in cristae membranes 2020
Verena E. Kutschera, Jelmer W. Poelstra, Fidel Botero-Castro,
et al.
Purifying Selection in Corvids Is Less Efficient on Islands 2020
Carina F. Mugal, Verena E. Kutschera, Fidel Botero-Castro,
et al.
Polymorphism Data Assist Estimation of the Nonsynonymous over Synonymous Fixation Rate Ratio ω for Closely Related Species 2020
Biao Fu, Christian Brown, Lena Mäler
Expression and Purification of DGD2, a Chloroplast Outer Membrane-Associated Glycosyltransferase for Galactolipid Synthesis 2020
Amos C. Lee, Jessica Svedlund, Evangelia Darai,
et al.
OPENchip : an on-chip in situ molecular profiling platform for gene expression analysis and oncogenic mutation detection in single circulating tumour cells 2020
Jana Škerlová, Helena Lindström, Elodie Gonis,
et al.
Structure and steroid isomerase activity of Drosophila glutathione transferase E14 essential for ecdysteroid biosynthesis 2020
Ganesh E. Phad, Pradeepa Pushparaj, Karen Tran,
et al.
Extensive dissemination and intraclonal maturation of HIV Env vaccine-induced B cell responses 2020
Cesare M. Baronio, Andreas Barth
The Amide I Spectrum of Proteins—Optimization of Transition Dipole Coupling Parameters Using Density Functional Theory Calculations 2020
Katharina Stephan, Martin Ott
Timing of dimerization of the bc1 complex during mitochondrial respiratory chain assembly 2020
Chase C. Suiter, Takaya Moriyama, Kenneth A. Matreyek,
et al.
Massively parallel variant characterization identifies NUDT15 alleles associated with thiopurine toxicity 2020
Seoeun Lee, Hunsang Lee, Suji Yoo,
et al.
The Mgr2 subunit of the TIM23 complex regulates membrane insertion of marginal stop-transfer signals in the mitochondrial inner membrane 2020
Linxiang Yin, Geoffrey Masuyer, Sicai Zhang,
et al.
Characterization of a membrane binding loop leads to engineering botulinum neurotoxin B with improved therapeutic efficacy 2020
Eric McGivney, Linnea Cederholm, Andreas Barth,
et al.
Rapid Physicochemical Changes in Microplastic Induced by Biofilm Formation 2020
Clément Madru, Ghislaine Henneke, Pierre Raia,
et al.
Structural basis for the increased processivity of D-family DNA polymerases in complex with PCNA 2020
Cecilia Wallin, Merlin Friedemann, Sabrina B. Sholts,
et al.
Mercury and Alzheimer's Disease : Hg(II) Ions Display Specific Binding to the Amyloid-β Peptide and Hinder Its Fibrillization 2020
S. Rempel, C. Gati, M. Nijland,
et al.
A mycobacterial ABC transporter mediates the uptake of hydrophilic compounds 2020
Zhong Li, Yuele Lin, Arne Elofsson,
et al.
Protein Contact Map Prediction Based on ResNet and DenseNet 2020
Effie C. Kisgeropoulos, Julia J. Griese, Zachary R. Smith,
et al.
Key Structural Motifs Balance Metal Binding and Oxidative Reactivity in a Heterobimetallic Mn/Fe Protein 2020
Sophie L. Mader, Abraham Lopez, Jannis Lawatscheck,
et al.
Conformational dynamics modulate the catalytic activity of the molecular chaperone Hsp90 2020
Emma Rose Scaletti, Karl S. Vallin, Lars Bräutigam,
et al.
MutT homologue 1 (MTH1) removes N6-methyl-dATP from the dNTP pool 2020
Jan M. Schuller, Patricia Saura, Jacqueline Thiemann,
et al.
Redox-coupled proton pumping drives carbon concentration in the photosynthetic complex I 2020
Carolina Thörn Pérez, Jimena Ferraris, Josina Anna van Lunteren,
et al.
Adaptive Resetting of Tuberoinfundibular Dopamine (TIDA) Network Activity during Lactation in Mice 2020


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