Laboratory safety in general

Before starting any laboratory experiments, everybody at DBB must read and understand the regulations and instructions:

Laboratory safaty and management at DBB 2019 (1756 Kb)


You will also have to state that you understand and will work accordingly, by signing this document:

Signature for labwork at DBB (12 Kb)

This information is also meant to be used as a reference in the daily work.


Pregnant or breastfeeding

For pregnant and breast feeding employees or students, an individual risk assessment has to be performed, to ensure the working environment is safe. It is therefore important that either the group leader, a work environment representative (skyddsombud) or the Safety Coordinator, Liselotte Antonsson is informed as soon as possible.

-Riskbedömning individuell (document) (350 Kb)

-Riskbedömning generell (document) (387 Kb)

Pending the risk assessment, no lab work should be done


Chemical safety in general

  • Chemicals have to be handled and stored safely and according to the regulations.
  • KLARA is a management system for handling chemicals. The KLARA registry gives safety information and safety data sheets from suppliers.
  • In KLARA there is also a tool for Risk Assessments.
  • Britt-Marie Olsson and Liselotte Antonsson are KLARA administrators.
  • Leila Al Ghanem is helping the research groups during 2019 and spring 2020 to register all chemicals using KLARA bar code system.



CMR investigation

  • Handling of CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic reproduction) chemicals is subject to special rules and require specific routines. Before work starts it is a requirement to carry out a documented investigation whether it is possible to replace a CMR substance with a less hazardous substance.
  • There is more information about this routine in our Lab Safety DBB folder in Stockholm University BOX. BOX can be found at SU/Medarbetare/Stödsystem.
  • Contact Liselotte Antonsson if you want to get access to the folder or have questions regarding these investigations.


Form (English) CMR invenstigation (61 Kb)

Form (Swedish) CMR investigation (46 Kb)


Risk assessments

  • According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority all potential hazardous procedures, (using chemicals and/or equipment), need to be risk assessed.
  • Risk assessing planned experiments is the responsibility of each research group leader.
  • Risk assessment can be done by using a tool in KLARA.



Waste management

For laboratory waste, see waste handling in the “Environmental Work” section.

Waste containers are sold by SU-butiken.


Laser safety

Laser safety instructions (13 Kb)


Radiation safety

  • Liselotte Antonsson is the local contact person for radiation safety at DBB
  • There is a mandatory course to be taken before any practical work with radioactive material is allowed, contact Mats Jonsson,


Lab work at SciLifeLab

For questions regarding laboratory safety, waste management, or chemical storage and handling at SciLifeLab, contact the lab safety coordinator at SciLifeLab,
Jóna Gudjónsdóttir (