Before starting to work at DBB, you have to state that you understand the fire safety routines and that you will evacuate immediately when the fire alarm sounds, by reading and signing this document:

Fire Safety and Evacuation DBB 2019-04-28 (492 Kb)


SU offer a general fire safety course, courses for evacuation leaders and courses for fire safety controllers. Contact Liselotte Antonsson for more information

Handlingsplan och brandskyddsorganisation 2019-04-28 (142 Kb)

Fire safety organisation 2021 (33 Kb)

  • Fire safety supervisor - coordinates the fire safety at the department
  • Flammable goods controller- makes sure that the handling of flammable goods follow the laws, regulations, guidelines.
  • Fire safety controller – performs regularly checks on the fire safety installations at DBB
  • Evacuation leader – in the event of an alarm, the evacuation leader follows a planned route through the nearest premises instructing colleagues to evacuate

If you notice a fire safety issue (regarding for example fire doors or fire safety installations) please report to: If it is urgent call the University security, 08-16 42 00