Environment and sustainable campus

  • All employees and students should be aware of the University's environmental policy and comply with procedures and instructions.
  • All employees and research students at DBB should also contribute to the implementation of the departments environmental action plan (see information below).


Environmental policy at SU (35 Kb)

DBB environmental plan 2021 (202 Kb)

Intructions for climate friendly travel and travel free meetings (51 Kb)

  • If you have any suggestions for improving our practical environmental work, contact the environmental representative: Liselotte Antonsson


Environmental report

Environmental problems are reported via SAMIR (Säkerhet-Arbetsmiljö-Inrapporteringssystem), see “SAMIR-Miljöavvikelse”



Waste management

The waste management procedures at Stockholm University should be followed by all employees, students, and others working here.


Waste management procedures for Stockholm University (336 Kb)


There is a recycling central outside of SU-butiken, floor 2, Arrhenius


There are special procedures for laboratory/chemical waste:


Laboratory safaty and management at DBB 2019 (1756 Kb)

Procedures for the disposal of liquid chemical residues and aqueous solutions (96 Kb)