In order to meet safety and work environmental requirements and also our responsibilities as tenants to Akademiska Hus we have guidelines regarding equipment and their location. The following guidelines will help us to maintain a nice and safe working environment for all of us at the department.


Guidelines for equipment and their location

You should always inform the Technical Group Leader (Matthew Bennett) about any large items or instruments with special installation requirements BEFORE they are purchased, regardless of where they will be installed. We will then help you to get your equipment installed safely and smoothly. This includes e.g.

  • Heavy or bulky equipment (e.g. incubators, -80 freezers, centrifuges, solvent storage cabinets etc)
  • Instruments with special electrical requirements (e.g. 3 phase power or machines which need a large electrical current)
  • Instruments which need connection to compressed air, nitrogen or other gasses (either the building supply or gas bottles)
  • Equipment which generates a high heat load (e.g. water circulation pumps, cooling units etc)
  • Vacuum pumps or anything else which has an exhaust (exhausts must be connected to the building ventilation)
  • Fridges and freezers (to avoid electrical and/or heat-overload these should be plugged in on separate outlets when possible)
  • Equipment which has special regulatory/maintenance requirements, or might pose a safety hazard if misused (e.g. ionising radiation producing machinery)
  • Equipment which is noisy and requires hearing protection for operation
  • Anything else which has special requirements


If you want to put any piece of equipment anywhere outside the lab space which you have been allocated by the department you must discuss this with us, so we can help to find the most suitable location within the department beforehand.

We have a long term plan to remove things in the corridors (cabinets, fridges, freezers). This will be done over the coming years as renovations progress, in order to make the process as smooth as possible. Therefore as we relocate things from the corridor, no new items may be put there.

Also remember that every equipment you buy which costs more than 10.000 has to be purchased according to certain purchase rules, so always contact AnnLotta or Lollo before ordering anything.