All the Departments -80 freezers, coldrooms and freezer rooms are connected to the University alarm system. Each room or freezer has a contact list, found on the door. If you are asked to be on this list by your supervisor you may be called after hours by University security in the event of problems with your freezer. This guide is to help you decide if the freezer needs to be evacuated or not.

NOTE: The guard is not allowed to open any -80 freezer, to handle any items from freezers or coldrooms, or undertake any assistance with electrical problems.


Before you go to DBB:

  1. Is the freezer temperature still within the normal range? Ask the guard. Many of our freezers will trigger the alarm system when they need service, or due to their internal battery being flat. If you receive an alarm call and the displayed freezer temperature is still normal, you may be able to deal with the problem the next day.
  2. Is it close to the start of a normal working day? Freezers will maintain temperature for some hours after a failure, and you may be able to deal with the problem in the morning.


If you decide you need to deal with the problem after hours, once you arrive at DBB, check the following:

  1. Is the freezer without electricity? All our freezers will trigger the alarm system if the electricity is removed from them. Check the freezer is plugged in. If it is plugged in but still without power, the building fuse may have failed. DBB has a 20m extension cable and electrical adapter kept with the backup -80C freezer, which you may be able to use to connect the freezer to another working electrical outlet. NOTE: Take care not to overload the outlet you connect it to, other fridges and freezers may also be connected to the same circuit! All electrical problems should be reported to a department engineer the next working day.
  2. How to evacuate the freezer? If the freezer has failed, and no other options are available, you will need to evacuate the freezer contents to the department backup -80 freezer, or other coldroom or freezer room. A backup -80C freezer is located on House A level 5 mid, next to room A538, and the elevator. If you decide to empty your freezer you should contact the security guard (08-164200) and inform them you will be moving things in to the Department -80, zone 1021, and that this freezer may temporarily get warmer than usual. After emptying your failed freezer, you should unplug it to prevent further problems, and inform the guard that it’s alarm should be deactivated.