Alex Tuuling

SUKAT registration/e-mail account for new employees
Keys and cards
W3D3 Archive (document registry/diary)
LADOK (PhD-student registry/records)
Guest room booking
Seminar room booking


Ann Nielsen

Head of Administration, thus general questions regarding administration and rules.
Head of Finance, thus all kind of questions regarding economy
Budget and Result
External funding, advice
EU and ERC funding, advice
Wallenberg Foundation, applications
SciLifeLab, Head of SU Adminstration and Economy
SeRC contact person
NBIS/Elixir contact person
Rebuilding and construction projects, premises
Agreements and contracts
SU-butiken and ethanol permits
Head of Registry and Archive
Recruitment/Posting vacancies
Announcement for PhD students and Technical/administrative staff positions, ReachMee


Ann-Britt Rönnell

Upkeep of autoclave and dishwasher rooms
Upkeep of DBB course labs
Nameplate labeling


Britt-Marie Olsson

KLARA (the university chemical management system)
Workplace safety representative


Charlotta Andersson

Reimbursements: travel bills, expenses and car allowance claims (Primula)
Rules official entertainment (representation)
Travel reports
Exam work presentation


Eleonora Matisic

Personnel matters
External funding
EU and ERC funding
Wallenberg Foundation, funds
Economical contracts
Requisitions of funds
Financial reports


Elisabeth Johansson

Personnel matters PhD students
Time controller, PhD students
LADOK (PhD-student registry/records)


Erik Sjölund

IT and computers


Filip Malec

External funding
Wallenberg Foundation, funds
Economical contracts
Requisitions of funds
Financial reports


Håkan Thorén

Mail and goods in delivery


Karin Häggbom Sandberg

SciLifeLab finance and administration coordinator
WABI contact person


Liselotte Antonsson

Safety coordinator
KLARA (the university chemical management system)


Louise Lehto

Reimbursements: travel bills, expenses and car allowance claims (Primula)
Rules official entertainment (representation)
Travel reports
Exam work presentation


Malin Kamb

Personnel matters
External funding
EU and ERC funding
Wallenberg Foundation, funds
Economical contracts
Requisitions of funds
Financial reports


Maria Sallander Hellman

Personnel matters PhD students
Time controller, PhD students
LADOK (PhD-student registry/records)


Matthew Bennett

Scientific instruments


My Jegenberg (on maternity leave)

Personnel matters
External funding
EU and ERC funding
Wallenberg Foundation, funds
Economical contracts
Requisitions of funds
Financial reports


Peter Nyberg

IT and computers


Sylvia Trunk

For "old" Neurochemistry staff:

HR (including PhD-students accepted before Jan 1st 2018)
External funding
EU and ERC funding
Wallenberg Foundation, funds
Economical contracts
Requisitions of funds
Financial reports


You can also download Handbook for International Researchers (1035 Kb) and You and Your Workplace (289 Kb)



The personnel administration system at Stockholm University is called Primula. The Human Resources Office is responsible for the system. You need a Swedish personal (civic) number to be able to log in. Under "My Page" you will find personal information, such as your wage statement. Here you can also change your address, apply for vacation, register travel bills, etc.

Log in url: http://hr.su.se

Support: personalsystem@su.se



Every person employed at Stockholm University has the right to purchase ”friskvård” (wellness) to a sum of 1.500 SEK/year. You can go to group training, massage, swimming, yoga etc.

You cannot buy training clothes or play golf. Be sure to get a receipt with your name stated on it. You can ask for a written receipt. If you work less than a year, you will get the sum corresponding to the period you are working. The receipts can maximum be three months old and should be handed in to Sylvia Trunk ("old" Neurochemistry staff), Eleonora Matisic (regular staff), or Maria Sallander Hellman/Elisabeth Johansson (PhD students). If you want to pay with automatic transfer (autogiro) you also need to hand in a statement from your bank.

You can also register at the personnel-gym in Allhuset. The fee is 500 SEK/year which will be paid by the department if you are employed.  This sum will be deducted from the 1.500 SEK/year stated above. If you wish to enlist for the gym, contact Johan Cederström, phone 08-164585, after you have checked with Ann Nielsen that it is OK.



You register your vacation in Primula. You should apply for vacation BEFORE you leave on vacation. All vacation should be registered at the end of the year, except for Technical/Administrative staff who can save their vacation (for up to 35 days maximum).



If you want to apply for leave of absence (full or part time) you need to fill out the form Ledighetsansökan (111 Kb) . Please notify Sylvia Trunk ("old "Neurochemistry staff), Eleonora Matisic (regular staff) or Maria Sallander Hellman/Elisabeth Johansson (PhD students).



If you are going to be on parental leave you have to fill out the form Ledighetsansökan (111 Kb) . Be sure to register your leave at Försäkringskassan (the Social Insurance Agency) too. Please notify Sylvia Trunk ("old" Neurochemistry staff), Eleonora Matisic (regular staff) or Maria Sallander Hellman/Elisabeth Johansson (PhD students) in good time before you terminate or prolong your leave by handling in a new form. They will also need a Maternity certificate (Moderskapintyg), take a copy to keep.



If you are ill you have to register this in Primula. A notification will be sent to Sylvia Trunk ("old" Neurochemistry staff), Eleonora Matisic (regular staff) or Maria Sallander Hellman/Elisabeth Johansson (PhD students). Don’t forget to register when you are back at work or else you will remain ill in the system. If you are ill for a longer period than a week, you will need a certificate from a physician (läkarintyg). You have to send the certificate to Eleonora Matisic, Maria Sallander Hellman or Elisabeth Johansson. If you are a doctoral student your time will be prolonged with the same period of time as you were on sick leave provided that you have registered in Primula.



If you have got another job, or for some other reason wish to terminate your employment, you will have to fill out the form Entledigande (87 Kb) . If you have been employed for a year or longer the period of notice for the employee is two months in case you do not agree on something else with your closest boss.

See link below for further information regarding your employment:

Du och din arbetsplats/You and your work place



Keep receipts in original. Slips from credit card payments are not valid.

All employees at SU should register their expenses in PRIMULA (you enter Primula by stating your SUKAT in-log) under Travel/Expenses > Expenses and car allowance. For non-employees, or if you have no civic number use the Expense claim form. Choose the purpose, e.g. conference, expenses, research, official entertainment. In the case of a conference fee you need to hand in a program and a list of participants. Tape the receipts on an A4 paper and get a signature from your supervisor. Please note that eg "meeting" is not good enough, you have to be more specific, ie where was the meeting, with whom, and what was the purpose of the meeting. Make a note of the purpose of your expenses. In the case of official entertainment you need to provide a list of participants + organization affiliation. If you bought something over the net, you need to show a bank statement which proves that the sum was deducted from your account as well as a print-out of the order. Print out your registered form and give it to Lotta Andersson (for staff based at SU) or Louise Lehto (for staff based at SciLifeLab) together with the receipts.  Your reimbursement will be paid out with your next salary if handed in before the 5th of the month.



Fill out the form New User Form (614 Kb) and give/send it to Alex Tuuling. He will see to it that the person is registered in SUKAT and gets a mail account at DBB. He will also list the person on the homepage. When you get an account you will be on the everyone-list. He will also prepare an access-card for you.  It is optional but if the new employee would like his/her picture on the website they can also e-mail this to Alex Tuuling.



If you need to employ a person you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Is the person going to get a stipend?

In that case you need to have money from a funding agent who allows stipends.

You have to have a written approval from the funding agent– ask Eleonora Matisic if we have general approval from the funding agent you have in mind. Stipends can only be given for a maximum of two years.

We have to announce the stipend at the Department so please provide Eleonora Matisic with the announcement on the Department stationary (9 Kb) .

If you are going to pay a shorter stipend to a student, the person has to be listed in LADOK and registered at a course at the department before we can give him/her a stipend.

Is the person going to get a position?

In that case we have to announce the position. Then you should contact Eleonora Matisic and give the following:

1) The name of the person

2) The civic number

3) Address

4) Work permit (if it is a non-EU member)

5) Bank account . Log in to Primula and click on the link to Danske Bank to fill out your account details, if you do not have access to Primula, fill in this form; swedish (1381 Kb) , english (545 Kb)

6) Type of position (researcher, post-doc etc.)

7) Project number to be charged

8) Amount of the salary (should be discussed with the head of department first)

9) Full-time or part time? Percentage?

10) Time period?

If the person is going to be employed for a longer time or ”tillsvidare” (permanent) the position has to be announced. Contact Ann Nielsen about the announcement procedure. If the position is ”tillsvidare” you should always contact the Head of the Department to get an approval to announce such a position.

A bank account can only be opened for a person with a civic number. If the person is staying for a shorter period than 12 months, he/she will not be able to get a civic number. In that case he/she can be paid by a pay check each month (to the home address) or have the salary deposited to a foreign bank account.


How to get a civic number:

The person has to go to Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency), show the working permit and a certificate from the PI (invitation letter) that he/she is offered a position. For EU-members it is mandatory to show an insurance card from the home country. Link to Skatteverket in English



If you have a guest who needs longer accommodation you will find some suggestions to how to find that here: Accommodation for visiting researchers



The guest room is located in the staircase on floor A5 in the Arrhenius Laboratory. It can be booked by Alex Tuuling. The price is 300 SEK/night, which will be charged to your project or unit. The guest can also pay cash if that is preferable. The guest should clean the room before leaving (instructions on the inside of the door of the guest room).



All non-Swedish citizens staying at the Department for some reason are insured by Kammarkollegiet. This goes for their family too if they bring one. The person is insured  24x7. When the person gets a civic number however, this insurance agreement ends. The person is then insured, like all Swedish citizens, through Försäkringskassan, and has the right to medical care. All students are insured by a Gif-insurance by Kammarkollegiet. Most members of the EU also have their European health insurance card.

If you are traveling abroad within your work, you should bring an insurance card, Swedish State Business Travel Insurance Certificate (you can get this at the Secretariat).



Access cards are handed out by Alex Tuuling.



Access through form which you fill out when you start at the Department, New User Form (614 Kb) . Only employees/students staying at DBB three months or longer are eligible to get an account.
When leaving the department six months is generally the norm for keeping your account, although this is negotiable.



Ann-Britt Rönnell will see to it that your name appears at your door and on a pigeon hole, if you fill out the form upon arrival and are sitting at the Arrhenius Laboratories. If you move to another office don't forget to inform Ann-Britt.



Stockholms universitet

Box  50741

202 70 MALMÖ

Reference: 431 + your name
(All companies have to state the reference on the invoice, otherwise it will not be accepted)

Foreign companies can send invoices to the same address provided that they are registered in the system (which they are if you purchased something from them before). But note that there should be no name or department in the invoice address. This can be stated in the delivery address instead. Also note that bank information must be given on the invoice for identification (this is often not the case with US invoices). When purchasing from EU countries you have to state our VAT No. SE202100306201.

For Swedish companies, use “organisationsnr 202100-3062”.

If you have any queries regarding an invoice please write to fakturor@dbb.su.se.



If you have to order computers or mobile phones it is mandatory that you do this through WISUM. If you do not have a permission to order in WISUM, send an email to the Head of the Department (who will write a letter to the IT services granting you get one). You can also ask Peter Nyberg or Erik Sjölund to place the order for you.

For molecular biology products it is mandatory to order from the companies listed here. For laboratory utensils you have to ask the companies ranked on this list. You have to prove that you have asked the company ranked as number 1 before you can ask company number 2. If you for some reason can not order from the listed companies, contact Ann Nielsen to get instructions on how to proceed.



If you are in the process of buying something that costs between 10.000-100.000 you have to make a direct procurement. You have to ask at least 3 companies for quotes and this has to be documented. You can get the form and instructions from Ann Nielsen. Above 100.000 you also make a direct procurement but you need to have an approval from the Director of Administration at the University (this is also mandatory if you are buying service to the same value). After approval the procurement has to be registered in the procurement system by Ann Nielsen. If you are going to purchase anything above 534.890 you have to do this through the Procurement Division at the University. Always contact Ann Nielsen on how to proceed.



If you need a new account in SU-butiken or a permit to purchase ethanol, contact Ann Nielsen. A permit to purchase ethanol must always be signed by the Head of the Department.



There is only one outgoing mailbox (for mail which needs a stamp). It can be found on level 4. Put your unstamped letter in the pigeon hole saying “mail to be stamped”. It will be picked up by the internal mail man (comes in twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon). If you are in a hurry you can always put the stamped envelope in a postbox in town. In the latter case you can go to the secretariat to get it stamped.



Will be picked up by Special Delivery Service (SDS). Fill out the Special Delivery order form (265 Kb) , send the form and a mail to order.sthlm@ysds.com and tell them that you have a package or document you wish to send. They will pick up the envelope/package the same day. Leave the package in the reception, it will be easier for everyone.

If you need to state our FedEx customer No (in case you have an incoming package) this is the number: 2784-2673-4.



If you need to book a trip it is mandatory that you do that through the travel agency of SU, at present Egencia.

To be able to book a trip online, you must first have a traveler profile. If you are an employee with a SUKAT-account, it will be created automatically from the university HR system.

If you wish to get per diem (traktamente) for the days you were spending abroad or mileage reimbursement for having used your own car, you have to register your travel electronically in Primula. You enter Primula by stating your SUKAT in-log. Choose Travel bill – International or in Sweden.  If you just had regular expenses during your trip choose Expenses and car allowance, you only have to fill out the reimbursement form (see above).  For all reimbursements you have to scan and attach your receipts in Primula as well as hand them in. These should be taped onto a A4 sheet. You should also provide the original travel plan from BCD Travel, any program from the scientific meeting, participants list etc. should also be handed in to Charlotta Andersson (for staff based at SU) or Louise Lehto (for staff based at SciLifeLab) together with the registered form. Please note that you have to fill in the account codes yourself. Dept=431, unit=431xx together with activity 30400 and cost carrier 431xxx or project number (no activity), cost carrier 431xxx.

Receipts which are sent in for scanning, e.g. expense claims for non-employees/non-civic number must be taped on all four sides.

It is not allowed to hand in receipts for food nor for visits to restaurants and similar which are considered as private. If you wish to be reimbursed for your extra costs, you should file for per diem. If you need cash to cover your expenses, you should fill out the form Reseförskott (98 Kb) (Travel Advances) before you start your trip. This should be done a couple of weeks beforehand so that you can be sure of getting the money in time for your travel. After your return, register a travel expense claim as usual and tick the box Travel Advance. If you received more advance than you account for, the deficit will be deducted from your next salary and vice versa.

Information concerning travel can also be found at: http://www.su.se/medarbetare/personal/resor



If you need to book a hotel for a guest in Stockholm you should do this through Egencia in case the invoice should be paid by you (the department). You log in with your SUKAT-details.



The rules (updated 171109) can be found at;

Regler för representation och gåvor m.m. vid Stockholms universitet (svenska) (238 Kb)

Rules concerning gifts and hospitality at Stockholm University (engelska) (240 Kb)



If you are applying for a grant from the European Commission, always contact Forskningsservice before you start writing the application.  They can provide invaluable information and also all the forms you need. You will also have to get signatures from the Head of the Research Support Office (Forskningsservice).

Policy for young researchers (75 Kb)


Hand in a copy of all applications to the registry (Alex Tuuling).



When you receive an external grant you should give the contract to Ann Nielsen, Filip Malec, or Sylvia Trunk (depending on who is your contact person). They will see to it that you get a project account registered and can start using the money. They will also send the signed contract to the funding agent if that is required.



Doctoral student can get costs for books paid by the department. However, first the costs have to be approved by Pia Ädelroth. Register your claim in PRIMULA and attach the receipts as a pdf. Give the receipts in original to Maria Sallander Hellman/Elisabeth Johansson.



See the DBB  PhD Hand Book (409 Kb) for all rules regarding dissertations. 

Check the available times for dissertation in the calendar. There can only be one dissertation at the Chemistry Section at a time.

Information regarding time and allowed period for dissertations can be found HERE.

Decide which day you would like to have your dissertation and fill out the form at the bottom of the page above. Don’t forget to book a seminar room by sending an email to Alex Tuuling.

The supervisor has to fill out the Booking of Dissertation (133 Kb) form stating members of the examining committee and opponent. This form has to be signed by the Head of the Department who will send in the form to the Faculty. Further information can be found at; Riktlinjer rörande disputationer (Guidelines regarding dissertations) on the SU website.

Notify Alex Tuuling about the dissertation so that he can update the homepage calendar (your name, day and time of dissertation, name of opponent, title of your thesis).



The Department will cover costs up to 30.000 SEK, whereof salary to the opponent 10.000 SEK, printing of thesis 12.000, the rest can be used for travel, hotel and representation for the opponent. The rest of the costs should be covered by the supervisor.



For booking of rooms for seminars in KÖL (including Magnéli hall), please contact Alex Tuuling at the secretariat. If you need to book lecture rooms for scheduled courses please contact KÖL directly at;

E-mail: exp@kol.su.se

Phone: 08-16 3709, 08-16 3716



Many documents that we handle at the Department have to be registered in the archive. To see which kind of documents, see the Archive Plan (55 Kb) . Remember that all e-mails which you receive or send that are dealing with departmental issues (not your own research) should be listed in the register/diary. Exceptions are letters from and to the central administration at the university, which are listed by them. Please send all documents that you handle which should be registered to Alex Tuuling, preferably as a pdf. Otherwise give him a paper copy.