The personnel administration system at Stockholm University is called Primula. The Human Resources Office is responsible for the system. You need a swedish personal (civic) number to be able to log in. Under "My Page" you will find personal information, such as your wage statement. Here you can also change your address, apply for vacation, register travel bills, etc.

For general HR-related matters please contact Sylvia Trunk ("old" Neurochemistry staff), Eleonora Matisic (regular staff), or Maria Sallander Hellman/Elisabeth Johansson (PhD students).

For expences/car allowance - A signed copy (for students also a signature by project leader) should be given/sent to Lotta Andersson (for staff based at SU) or Louise Lehto (for staff based at SciLifeLab) together with original receipts.

Log in url:



For foreign guests: