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Event at VINNOVA 13 Nov

Horizon 2020 call/topic: Regenerative medicine BHC-07-2019 – from new insight to new applications - UK-Sweden partnering event 13 November. Program draft is attached.

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The following draft topic texts for the next IMI Call for proposals have just been published on the IMI website at

Indicative topics:

·         Optimising future obesity treatment

·         Open access chemogenomics library and chemical probes for the druggable genome

·         Intelligent prediction and identification of environmental risks posed by human medicinal products


These topics are now at an advanced stage of development and we hope that these drafts will allow potential applicants to start working actively on proposals and forming consortia. Draft topic texts are subject to consultations involving IMI's States Representatives Group, Scientific Committee, and the European Commission. They must also be approved by the IMI Governing Board. Depending on the results of the consultations and approval process, the final topic text may differ significantly from the draft versions initially published here, and applicants should always base their proposals on the final, approved topic texts which will be published when the Call is officially launched. Furthermore, although it is unlikely at this stage, it is possible that a draft topic may be postponed to a future Call or dropped entirely.

All information regarding future IMI Call topics is indicative and subject to change. Final information about future IMI Calls will be communicated after approval by the IMI Governing Board.


Become an evaluator / expert

You will gain experience about EU funding by being an evaluator/expert. We advise you to register for this.

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För er som vill hålla er uppdaterad om hur det går för olika aktörer inom Horisont 2020 så rekommenderar vi Dashboard på Participant Portal som uppdateras löpande.

Vi har hittat en guidelines som kan vara bra för er som vill ha en snabb introduktion till Dashboard, och veta mer om vilka möjligheterna är att hitta relevant information.


Era-Net – inom hälsa området

Det finns även flera möjligheter som kan vara bra att ha koll på

ERA PerMed’s andra utlysning där Vetenskapsrådet deltar öppnar i januari 2018, för mer info se

JPIAMR öppnar ett call i december inom diagnostics och surveillance. Mer info hittar ni här

JPND pre-announcement beräknas till december 2018 ( Tema för utlysningen är Personalised medicine för neurodegenerativa sjukdomar.


European events

In the attached file the EU Commission lists different events in the field of Health/ICT.


Update on other current issues-combined (2279 Kb)

Invitation and draft program 13 november (67 Kb)