We plan a series of events during the academic year 2021-2022 to deepen relations between researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Stockholm University (SU). The first event is an outdoor speed-talk event on 10 September 2021, from 13-15:00. More information on the speed-talk event follows below. Later during the fall of 2021, we plan for two seminars in SU's Aula Magna, and four more during the spring of 2022.


Our aim is to generate internationally renowned leading research while at the same time building a stronger research community across disciplines and involving researchers from the SEI and SU. Environmental research is at the heart of our respective institutions, and we believe that innovative environmental research grows from interdisciplinary efforts that will benefit from connecting even more. To pursue this aim, the leadership of SEI and SU have asked us to form a committee for SEI-SU relations.


Practicalities concerning the speed-talk event:

The idea behind this event is to have 4-minutes presentations for sharing research and projects, with a mingle afterwards. We invite presentations from a broad range of disciplines and topics (see the attached). We hope that this will create a platform for various environment-oriented collaborative initiatives, including research workshops, joint courses, collective application writing, PhD/ Post-doctoral supervisions, or just being inspired by each other in a creative and fun environment.


Please let jonna.lundberg@sei.org know by 1 July if you want to present or participate (please give a short title for your presentation or research area). Please contact any of us, or Jonna Lundberg at jonna.lundberg@sei.org.


Warm regards,


Lisa Dellmuth

Somya Joshi

Nina Kirchner



Lisa Dellmuth, PhD
Associate Professor | Director of PhD studies in International Relations
Stockholm University
Department of Economic History and International Relations
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden 

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Recent pub's

Dellmuth LM, Gustafsson M-T. Global adaptation governance: How intergovernmental organizations mainstream climate change adaptation. Clim. Policydoi:10.1080/14693062.2021.1927661.

Dellmuth LM, Bender FAM, Jönsson AR, Rosvold EL, von Uexkull N. Humanitarian need drives multilateral disaster aid. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 118(4) 2021. 

Dellmuth LM, Tallberg J. Elite communication and popular legitimacy of international organizations B. J. Pol. S.., online first, 17 Feb 2020.