HLTH WP 21-22 Ver 7_5 post-ISC dates draft PC - CPS 21-5 (1835 Kb)

1)     Wed 9 June 14.00 – Zoom seminar regarding a SSF call open: “Future Research Leader - Flagship Program for Supporting and Promoting Tomorrow’s Research Leaders”

Johan Nilsson, Scientific Secretary at SSF, will present the call Individual Grant for Future Research Leader (deadline for call: 16 August 2021) and will answer questions. You are eligible for funding if your PhD diploma is dated within 2015, 2016 or 2017 (leave is accepted) and your research area is within natural sciences,

engineering or medicine. Register for the seminar by sending an e-mail to lars.emren@su.se .

Read details in Call for proposalshttps://strategiska.se/app/uploads/sites/2/ffl21_en.pdf


2)     Attached you find the seventh draft (2021-2022) of call texts regarding Cluster Health in Horizon Europe. It includes deadlines and budgets. Use key words to find out if there are calls/topics in this “cluster” for you and your collaborators. It´s of course an advantage to plan ahead of coming call/topic.