Cambridge Judge Business School, Entrepreneurship Centre

Apply by 30 October www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/enterprisetech  
Questions enterprisetech@jbs.cam.ac.uk

Are you interested in the start-up world? Could you be an entrepreneur or a future founder? Or do you want to join a start-up? EnterpriseTECH will help you build entrepreneurship skills, develop an understanding of commercialisation pathways and early-stage business development. You will work in a team with researchers from other disciplines, alongside a business supervisor and an inventor team. 

The programme involves an immersive 3-day lecture series and a real-world team project. With guidance from a business supervisor over 12-weeks, your team will deliver a commercial feasibility report, a video infomercial and learn to pitch. After the lecture intensive, the programme runs in the evenings. 

Past project themes include:
Future manufacturing, data & digital economy, medical devices, novel healthcare solutions, drug discovery, food security, energy & sustainable infrastructure, biotechnology, data & AI, mental well-being, bioscience for health. See more.

The programme fee is £875.
You can let us know on the application if your department is willing to sponsor you.

Opportunities for inventors:
The deadline for inventor teams to submit project proposals to EnterpriseTECH is 30 October. Download an application form from our website. More information here for inventors as well as a list of past projects here. In general, we look for projects that fit firmly within the UK Research Council remit. There is no fee for inventors, and we accept projects proposals from across the UoC, other universities and research institutions, start-up ventures and industry.

EnterpriseTECH Postgraduate I 
Programme duration: 2 December- 5 March 2021 
Location: The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park, and online 
Launch night: 2 December 
Lecture intensive: 3-5 December 
Pitch night: 3 March 
Teamwork assessment: 5 March