Issue 5 | September 2021


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Dear readers, 


Welcome back, not just from summer vacation, but to campus. This post-vacation newsletter from us at the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS) is, as usual, full of it – that is, information about our seminars, funding calls, research ethics, etc. To find out more – keep reading! 


Fall is the season for funding decisions, not least from the research councils. We hope for the positive outcome of your applications, with more grant funding enabling more research. But sometimes it doesn’t go your way, and you need to continue the quest for funding, apply to the next call.


Here, I’d like to share something we’ve learned over the years of giving advice regarding grant applications. Some researchers (not you, of course, but maybe someone you know?) only apply for funding from one source once a year. The drawback of such a “strategy” is that if you are among the 80-90% who aren’t funded, then it’s going to be another year until the next funding decision, which may or may not give you the financial opportunity to pursue your favorite research question(s). Valuable insight here is (paraphrasing “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, with a seasonal twist) to not put one mushroom in your basket, but rather, you should have several mushrooms in several baskets; mushrooms being grants or applications, and baskets maybe symbolizing your project/sub-projects/research goals or indeed funding bodies. In other words, diversify to minimize the risk of running out of funds. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss funding opportunities!


Finally, when you plan to apply for new research grants, remember to contact us at REIS as early as possible, to give us time to help. Also, don’t forget to talk to your Head of Department well ahead of applying. When you are granted research funding, we have new routines for contract management in the pipeline – watch this space!


Looking forward to meeting you this semester!



Leif Järlebark

Head of Section for Research Funding & Ethics @ REIS













Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021: Seminar for applicants

9 September 14.00-15.00


The Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS) will arrange a seminar for researchers preparing a proposal to be submitted to the Horizon Europe-MSCA-PF 2021 call with Stockholm University as beneficiary. The purpose of the seminar is to provide with information and support of value to the writing of the proposal. The seminar will take place on Thursday, 9 September 14:00-15:00, via Zoom.


If you (researcher or supervisor) are interested in participating in the seminar, please contact Viviana Stechina by email ( to express your interest. Foreign research fellows preparing a proposal with a SU supervisor are welcome to participate. Information about seminar details and the link to participate will be communicated later on by email.







Workshop: Open science opportunities in Horizon Europe

15 September 10.00-12.00


Open Science has the potential to change and make research more accessible to everyone. Citizen science and public engagement are important parts of Open Science and Horizon Europe, the new EU framework programme for research and innovation. In this workshop, you will learn about how to engage different types of stakeholders, what citizen science is and how it can strengthen your project proposals for Horizon Europe as well as other international and national research and innovation programmes.


The workshop is organized by the Research Support Office at KTH Royal Institute of Technology together with Vetenskap & Allmänhet and Digital Futures (KTH, SU, RISE). Researchers and other staff from Stockholm University are welcome to participate.


Register here:







Webinar on Research Professional

22 September 14.00-15.00


Researchers at Stockholm University are invited to learn more about research funding opportunities at this webinar held by Research Professional.


Register here:







Writing competitive proposals for the ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants

29 September 09.00-11.00


Gavin Thomson will introduce the format of ERC funding and give advice on how to write competitive proposals for ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants.


Register here:







Informationsmöte om etikprövning av forskning som avser människor 

19 Oktober 14.00-15.00 


Vid detta möte berättar vi om etikprövning av forskning som avser människor (inklusive personuppgifter). Vi pratar om vilken forskning som ska etikprövas, vems ansvaret för etikprövning är, hur processen går till, vad som gäller vid forskningssamarbeten, vad som kan vara bra att tänka på när ansökan skrivs, mm. Vi svarar också på frågor.









Webinar on Research Professional for junior researchers and post-docs

27 October 14.00-15.00


Junior researchers and post-docs at Stockholm University are invited to learn more about research funding opportunities at this webinar held by Research Professional.


Register here:







Information meetings about ethical review of research involving humans

15 November at 10.00-11.00 


The meeting will give an introduction to ethical review of research involving humans (including personal data). We will talk about which research that must be reviewed, who is responsible for applying for review, how the process works, ethical review in research collaborations, what to think about when writing the application, etc. We will also answer questions. 


Register here: 




Funding call compilations



We regularly compile calls based on funding scheme, theme or subject. Mainly monthly overviews, annual call cycle and specific area overviews.


New overviews for 2021 available!










Formas/European Biodiversity Partnership - Supporting the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems across land and sea 


Upcoming call, opens 5 October. Application Deadline: 30 November 2021 


More information»



Urgent call for proposals 2021 – Ensuring the future availability of data or research materials


Application deadline: 28 October 2021


More information»



Communication call (up to 1.8 MSEK/project) 


Upcoming call, opens 22 September. Application Deadline: 10 November 2021 


More information»









Sök stöd för projekt som syftar till att utveckla det svenska sjötransportsystemet (20 miljoner kronor) 


Sista ansökningsdag: 23 september 2021


Mer information»


Internationella projekt för att accelerera energiomställningen genom värme och kyla. Stöd inom ERA-NET Geothermica och JPP Smart Energy Systems (SES) (20 miljoner kronor) 


Sista ansökningsdag: 4 oktober 2021


Mer information»


Stöd till innovationskluster för ett hållbart och biobaserat samhälle (10 miljoner kronor) 


Sista ansökningsdag: 12 oktober 2021


Mer information»



Bidra till utvecklingen av resurs- och energieffektivt byggande och boende (65 miljoner kronor)


Sista ansökningsdag: 15 september 2021


Mer information»


Industriklivet: forsknings- och innovationsprojekt


Sista ansökningsdag: 20 oktober 2021


Mer information»








Utlysning av forskningsmedel till syntesanalyser om avloppsvatten och övergödning (12 miljoner kronor)


Sista ansökningsdag: 7 september 2021


Mer information»



Utlysning av forskningsmedel om digitalisering som stöd för en hållbar förvaltning (synteser)  (5 miljoner kronor)


Sista ansökningsdag: 7 september 2021


Mer information»



Utlysning av medel till forskningsprogram – Multifunktionalitet i landskapet – vägar till omställning (45 miljoner kronor)


Sista ansökningsdag steg 1: 15 oktober 2021


Mer information»








Strategisk mobilitet 2021


SSF finansierar lönekostnaden för personer som under en period vill röra sig mellan industri/näringsliv/myndighet/sjukhus och akademi/forskningsinstitut.


Sista ansökningsdag: 9 september 2021


Mer information»


SSF Future Software Systems – FuSS


SSF satsar 200 miljoner kronor på ny och innovativ mjukvara.


Sista ansökningsdag: 11 oktober 2021


Mer information» 








Årets stora utlysning. Fokusområden: Lantbruk och maskin, Bioenergi och gröna material samt Livsmedel och förpackningar (25 miljoner kronor) 


Utlysningen öppnar 1 september. 

Sista ansökningsdag: 30 september 2021 


Mer information»





 kan du se alla öppna och kommande utlysningar



Internationell postdok inom medicin och hälsa 


Sista ansökningsdag: 14 september 2021


Mer information»



Internationell postdok inom humaniora och samhällsvetenskap inklusive utbildningsvetenskap 


Sista ansökningsdag: 14 september 2021


Mer information»


Internationell postdok inom naturvetenskap och teknikvetenskap


Sista ansökningsdag: 14 september 2021


Mer information»









Japan-Nordic Frontier Research Projects for Healthy Longevity


The aim of the call is to generate new knowledge on healthy ageing and longevity through Japan-Nordic research collaboration. The thematic framework includes fundamental, translational/basic clinical and epidemiological research on populations in the Nordic countries and Japan.


Deadline: 8 October 2021


More information»



Nordic-Russian call for networks for risk and crisis management


This call aims to support interdisciplinary consortiums to develop measures and tools to confront the next natural or man-made crisis, i.a. to enhance crisis preparedness and supply of security among the most risk-prone groups/regions and develop measures and tools to strengthen crisis management in society.


Deadline: 15 September 2021


More information»








Stipendier för studier eller forskning på master-/doktorandnivå eller postdok i USA eller Kanada 2022/2023.


Sista ansökningsdag: 15 september 2021


Mer information»








Stiftelsen stöder forskningsprojekt inom humaniora och samhällsvetenskap samt medicin.


Sista ansökningsdag: 15 september 2021


Mer information»







The foundations support research within the social sciences, primarily in business administration, economics, and economic history.


Deadline: 15 September 2021


More information»








Women in science award 


The award recognizes major contributions made by female scientists to life sciences research.


Nomination deadline for the 2022 award: 15 October 2021


More information»








Final deadlines have been published for ERC work programme 2022:


ERC Starting Grant: deadline 13 January 2022 

ERC Consolidator Grant: deadline 20 March 2022 

ERC Advanced Grant: deadline 28 April 2022

ERC Synergy Grant: deadline 10 November 2021


Read about our support here:


It is crucial to plan your ERC proposal long in advance. Attend our seminar 29 September on Writing proposals for the ERC Starting and Consolidator Grant.







New technical system for applying for ethical review of research involving humans


From October 4th, applications for ethical review of research involving humans will have to be submitted to the Ethical Review Authority (Etikprövningsmyndigheten) through a new technical system. Until September 23rd, applications must be submitted using the old forms. Between September 23rd and October 4th, no applications can be submitted. The information asked for in the applications will remain the same, but the new system will accept electronic signatures. See more information, including Q&As, at the website of the Ethical Review Authority (in Swedish).


Our web pages on research integrity and ethics have been relocated


During the summer our web pages in English on research integrity and ethics were relocated within the SU Staff pages. However, this short address still works to get to our main page: From there you can find all our other pages including templates for information sheets to research subjects and consent forms.





Horizon Europe


Call for experts


The European Research Executive Agency (REA) invites experts from a wide range of fields to register in the European Commission’s experts database. Evaluating project proposals is a great way to learn how to write a successful Horizon Europe proposal. Experts wanted in many different sectors and research fields.


More info.


Update on the Swiss Participation in Horizon Europe

Switzerland is currently treated as a non-associated third country for the submission of project proposals in Horizon Europe and other related programmes and initiatives. This status can be changed at any time, but will now apply for all calls in 2021. This means that project participants in Switzerland can still participate in approximately 2/3 of Horizon Europe, for instance in most collaborative projects. The Swiss project partner will not be funded by the EC but by SERI during the whole lifetime of the project.


More info.




Möjlighet att delta på kurs på OpenLab för anställda på SU


OpenLab släpper nu åter ett antal kostnadsfria platser till vår kurs Design Thinking Intro för era medarbetare. Denna gång reserverar vi platser till personer som vill bli ambassadörer för Openlab.


Gratis kurs i Design Thinking hos OpenLab


- Reserverade platser för dig som vill bli Openlab-ambassadör


Nu släpps kostnadsfria platser till OpenLabs uppskattade kurs Design Thinking Intro den 22 och 24 september 2021, samt möjligheten att ingå i OpenLabs nya ambassadörsnätverk.


De kostnadsfria platserna på kursen erbjuds till OpenLabs partners - Region Stockholm, Stockholms stad, KTH, Stockholms Universitet, Södertörns högskola och Karolinska institutet. Denna gång fördelas ett antal av gratisplatserna till strategiskt valda ambassadörer och eldsjälar, med ett intresse för samhällsinnovation, samverkan och designmetodik och som vill bidra till OpenLabs arbete för Stockholmsregionen. Deltagare som vill bli OpenLab-ambassadörer kommer att prioriteras i urvalet.


Om Design Thinking 


Design Thinking är en kreativ problemlösningsmetod lämplig för olika typer av samhälls- och hållbarhetsutmaningar. Deltagarna lär sig genom teoretisk kunskap och praktiska övningar i grupp, och får verktyg för att skapa djupare förståelse för sin målgrupp, identifiera deras behov och möta dem med bättre lösningar och samhällstjänster.

I kursen Design Thinking Intro får du en god grundkunskap i design thinking som metodik och förhållningssätt. Du lär dig ett utmaningsdrivet arbetssätt för att förstå användarnas behov, omformulera utmaningar samt utforma, testa och implementera nya lösningar. Kursen hålls digitalt under två förmiddagspass och leds av erfarna kursledare med deltagare från Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm samt universitet och högskolor.


Anmälan sker här:




New location of “Researchers” on the web

Since the beginning of the summer, you can now find pages aimed at researchers under the heading "Researchers" in the top margin on the staff website instead of in the left margin as before. If you have any links to our pages on your departmental web, it can be a good idea to check that they still work, as they should. You can also use the short address to find the info you need.





High-level expert group – social protection and the welfare state


Kommissionen söker just nu "12 high level experts on the future of social protection and the welfare state". Ansökan senast 17 september 2021.


“The European Commission is setting up a High Level expert group on the future of social protection and of the welfare state in the EU. It will study the future of the welfare state, its financing and interconnections with the changing world of work and will present a report and recommendations by the end of 2022.”


A call for high-level experts on the future of social protection - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - European Commission (






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Research Professional 

Stockholm University subscribes to Research Professional, an internet database containing thousands of calls for research grants, travel funding etc., which is available for researchers from all computers located at the university.


Read more here »


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