Course in Biophysical Methods

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 Biophysical Methods in Drug Discovery


The course will provide participants with a
deeper knowledge of different biophysical
techniques used for characterising protein-
ligand interactions in drug discovery
projects. A large part of the course will be
dedicated to discussions on how to set up
relevant experiments and analyse acquired
data. It will cover a range of biophysical
methods used to characterise interactions
between drug target proteins and poten-
tial inhibitory compounds, and how to use
the information for lead generation.

The course is addressed to current and potential
facility users such as PhD students, postdocs,
researchers and other employees within life science at any Swedish university, in need of skills inbiophysical methods.

The course will be held in Uppsala and

Topics  covered will include:

•    Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) biosen-
     sor analysis
•    X-ray crystallography and in silico–based
     structural design of ligands
•    Differential Scanning Fluorimetry
•    Isothermal Calorimetry
•    Microscale Thermophoresis
•    Light Scattering
•    Protein-based NMR Spectroscopy




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