The PhD Council represents the PhD students working at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics in meetings with the DBB Board and in working groups. We also organize events, e.g. department pubs and seminars like EPIC and Talking Brains.

If you're interested in getting involved in the PhD council, or just have an idea for us, let one of us know, and/or come along to a PhD Council meeting!

The elected PhD Council representatives (as of January 2021):

Sara Kosenina

Vice Chair
Andriana Mantzafou

Charlotta Henningson

Deputy Secretary
Marie Lycksell


Representatives for DBB Board Meetings (4 positions)
Ylva Johansson, Marie Lycksell

Deputy Representatives for Board Meetings (4 positions)
Sara Kosenina, Charlotta Henningson

Delegate to Faculty Meetings (NFR)
Sara Kosenina, Andriana Manzafou

Working groups

Student Equality and Equal Treatment (Jämlikhetsombud)
Ylva Johansson

Bachelor and Masters studies (Grundutbildning)
James Cumming

Facilities (Lokaler)
Juliane John

Infrastructure (Infrastruktur)
Juliane John


Visibility (Synlighet)

PhD studies (Forskarutbildning) (8 positions, 2 per PhD programme)
Sara Kosenina (Biochemistry)
Marie Lycksell (Biophysics),
Vacant (Bioinformatics)
Vacant (Neurochemistry)

Work environment and environment (Arbetsmiljö och miljö)
Ylva Johansson