If you have questions regarding your employment and other HR-related matters as a PhD-student please contact PhD student administrators:      

 Elisabeth Johansson
HR Officer - PhD students
08-16 41 86

Maria Sallander Hellman
HR Officer - PhD students
08-16 24 56


Rules for education and examination on PhD-level at SU (337 Kb) (in Swedish)

Accepted reasons for prolonging your PhD-time (74 Kb) (in Swedish)

Covid Prolongation Information (98 Kb)


Most of the information regarding your studies can be found in:

 PhD Handbook (322 Kb) (dated 200320)

together with the General Study Plans for the different subjects:

 Biochemistry (243 Kb) ,   Appendix B (The oral exam in Biochemistry) (38 Kb)

 Biophysics (242 Kb)

 Neurochemistry (245 Kb)


For further information and guidance about your studies please contact the Director of Doctoral Studies

Pia Ädelroth
+46 8 16 41 83


Information for supervisors and mentors

 For supervisors and mentors (71 Kb)

 "Ny rutin för antagning av doktorand" (65 Kb) (from 22/8-19)