1. Employment
2. Postdoc employment
3. Scholarship (
important: A scholarship is NOT an employment)


All employments at Stockholm University must be announced.

  • Send the announcement text where you describe the project to your HR officer.
  • Confirm with your economic officer at administration, handling your projects, that you have enough funding

Postdoc employment

  • A postdoctoral employment is allowed for a maximum of two years
  • The start date must be at the latest three years after the dissertation date
  • LAS does not apply to this employment, meaning this employment cannot become a permanent position.


  • Scholarships for a postdoctor is allowed for a maximum of two years and the start date must be at the latest five years after the dissertation date. For “undergraduate-scholarship” the person has to be registered at a course  in Ladok
  • Money only from funding agents that accept scholarships
  • Scholarships must be announced at the Department
  • Make sure to inform the candidate about her/his insurance situation, since being on a scholarship does not apply to the same rules as being an employee.  You do not have the benefits that naturally come with a signed employment contract (e.g., social security benefits)