How to get a Swedish civic number


Primula – HR-system

The personnel administration system at Stockholm University is called Primula. You need a Swedish personalcivic number to be able to log in. You will find personal information such as your wage statement under "My Page". You can also change your address, apply for leave of absence, vacation, reimbursements, etc.

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General information:



Register your vacation in Primula. The calendar year is the qualifying period for vacation. You receive a supplementary amount for each vacation day.

DBB semesterpolicy (78 Kb) / DBB vacation policy (95 Kb)


NOTE: You must take at least 20 days of vacation per year. You cannot have more than 30 days saved. If the employee and the employer do not agree on when to register the vacation, the employer has the right to register the vacation days in Primula.


The number of vacation days you are entitled to depends on your age.

Age Up to the age of 29 From the year you reach 30 From the year
you reach 40
Days 28 31 35


Saturdays and Sundays as well as public holidays are not counted as vacation days. Maundy Thursday, Midsummer’s Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are regarded as public holidays.