This information is intended for anyone planning to apply for external funding. During the last years an increasing amount of our external funding come from sources that do not allow for indirect costs according to our policy. In particular this stems from our practice to include items in our indirect costs that are usually specified as direct costs. This has led to a decrease in DBBs ability to extract adequate overhead, and a much larger degree of co-financing of external projects than the department can afford.


To make sure that DBB receives adequate overhead from external grants, it was decided by the department board on September 27 that all budget proposals need to be cleared with Ann before any application is signed by the Head of department. Ann can help with balancing direct and indirect costs so that both the requirements of the funder and department are met.


Please note that this applies to ALL applications. Also the budgets for applications that do not require the signature of the Head of department, or that require the signature someone else, such as the Vice-chancellor or Research support still need to be approved by Ann to ensure that we are able to accept the grant. Grants that are awarded without being pre-approved will not be accepted by the department so please plan for this when writing your application so that sufficient time is allowed for the budget review.