All employees at SU register their expenses in PRIMULA (you enter Primula by stating your SUKAT log-in).

  • In accordance with the regulations of Stockholm University travel bills older than 3 months are not accepted. Expense and car allowances older than 12 moths are not accepted.
  • All expenses need to be approved by your supervisor beforehand.
  • Your reimbursement will be paid out with your next salary if handed in before the 5th of the month.



Expenses that will be refunded: (if you have something that’s not on the list ask us first)

  • Taxi (not Uber, Lyft or similar). 
  • Hotel abroad (not AirBnb, HomeAway or similar)
  • Conference fee
  • Train tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Visa application fees
  • Vaccinations (connected to work or work trip)
  • Official entertainment (only if all rules concerning official entertainment are met). See further information below;

For non-employees, or if you don’t have no civic number (personnummer) use the Expense claim form:

Fill out the form, link the original receipts to the form, carefully tape the original receipts on a A4 sheet and hand it in to Louise Lehto (Lollo) or Charlotta Andersson (Lotta)

Always keep receipts in original for your future claim they have to be attach in the system and original send to us together with your expense claim. Slips from credit card payments are not valid. We can’t process claims that are missing original receipts.


Instructions on how to register your expense claim:  

1. When you login to Primula go to My page and klick on “Travel/expenses”

2. Select form:

3. Ask your supervisor for the account code. You need to fill in:

“Dep:t No” is 431.   “project No” and “cost carrier”

“Dep:t No” is 431.    “Unit No”, activity-30400 and “cost carrier”.

4. Fill out the form, you can find the instructions on how to in the right margin.

  • When applying for daily allowance you always have to attach the itinerary.
  • If you went to a conference, you have to attach the conference program.

5. Before handing in your Primula case you need to:

  • Double check that you have stated the purpose and attached all receipts, conference programs, itinerary etc.  Please note that e.g., “meeting” is not valid, you have to be more specific, i.e. the name of the meeting, where the meeting took place, with whom, and the purpose of the meeting.
  • Carefully tape the original receipts on A4 sheet (it can be several on one, as long they do not cover each other). We will send back receipts that are stapled or non-taped.
  • Ask your supervisor to sign the expense claim. 

6. Hand in your printed expense claim together with all of the original receipts to Louise Lehto (Lollo) or Charlotta Andersson (Lotta) at the Secretariat or send it by post to:

Stockholm University
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

If you have any questions, need guidance when register your Primula case or want to book a Primula workshop, contact Louise Lehto (Lollo) or Charlotta Andersson (Lotta).


Official entertainment (Representation)

The rules are found at;ör-representation-och-gåvor-m-m-vid-stockholms-universitet-1.105151


Checklist for official entertainment:

All official entertainment expenses must be verified by the inclusion of a detailed receipt or invoice. The verification must be complemented by the following information:

  • Purpose and date of the official entertainment
  • For conferences, seminars, and similar, the program must be included
  • List of participants, including what organization/company they represent


Note: These rules apply to all activities regardless of funding and where the hospitality takes place.
The rules apply to all employees and associates acting on behalf of the University, but not to students.


If you have, any further questions contact Louise Lehto (Lollo) or Charlotta Andersson (Lotta)