All procurements must be done according to Swedish law (the Public Procurement Act). When planning a purchase you have to establish wether

  1. the purchase is covered by a framework agreement
  2. if there is no framework agreement, does the value of the purchase exceed 615.312 SEK


Framework agreements

Always check if there is a framework agreement covering the product or service you are about to purchase. The framework agreements can be found onöp-upphandling. There are two types of framework agreements, local framework agreements (specific for SU) and governmental framework agreements (for all governmental bodies). Start by checking the local agreements. If nothing can be found there proceed to the governmental agreements ( Here you can find all the existing agreements, in which order the companies should be contacted, and also how to contact them. It is important to follow the instructions in order not to breach the contract. Please also note that when there is an existing framework, there is no upper limit for the purchase.


Direct procurement

If there is no existing framework, you have to establish the value of your purchase as this controls how you should perform you purchase. If the expected value is between 25.000-615.312 SEK you should make a direct procurement. Please not that this value is the total value for the same kind of product for the whole university over one calender year.

For products under 10.000 SEK ask Lotta Andersson or Lollo Lehto how to proceed.

For products in the range 10.000-25.000 SEK you should get at least 3 quotes from potential suppliers. These quotes have to be documented. For this purpose please use the forms provided by the Procurement section at SU. You can find them on this link:

Please use DU mall offertsförfrågan/DU template inquiry when inviting for quotes and DU mall avtalsvillkor/DU template terms for making an agreement with your supplier of choice. Register your purchase by getting a

You start with getting a Reference number (linked to the archive) from Lotta Andersson or Lollo Lehto.

For products in the range 25.000-100.000 SEK you will have to make a direct procurement through Visma/TendSign. DBB:s Purchase coordinators will help you with this. For this purpose you need to provide them with a description and an estimated value of what you are about to purchase.

For products in the range 100.000-615.312 SEK you need to get permission to make a Direct procurement from the Director of Stockholm university. Proceed with filing a request for Direct Procurement through Serviceportalen to the Procurement section who will help you to file the request. When the decision is made you will get a Permission to perform a Direct Procurement and can proceed with the purchase through Visma/TendSign with the help of DBB:s Purchase coordinators. Please see to it that the stated expected value of the purchase is high enough in the request. If the value of the made purchase is higher than stated, the decision will not be valid. The estimated time to get a request granted is 1-2 weeks.

For products with a value over 615.312 SEK you need to contact the Procurement section. They will help you throughout the whole procurement which will take between 3-6 months in the range up to 1.427.377 SEK. The more complex the procurement, the longer it will take. If the value of the procurement is above the stated amount the procurement will take between 3-9 months depending on the complexity of the product/service you will purchase.