Applying for grants

If you are applying for a grant you must always contact the Head of Administration, Ann Nielsen, to get your budget approved. You also need to get an approval from the Head of Department, Martin Högbom, before sending your application to the funder. You must also always hand in your application to your project accountant, Filip MalecMalin Kamb or Sylvia Trunk.

If you are applying for a grant from the European Commission, always contact "Avdelningen för forsknings och samverkansstöd" before you start writing the application.  They can provide invaluable information and all the forms you need. You will also have to get signatures from the Head of the Research Support Office (Avdelningen för forsknings och samverkansstöd). You also need the approvals from the Head of Administration and Head of Department (as described above).


 Applying for external funding at DBB (25 Kb)

 Policy for young researchers (75 Kb)

 Procedures regarding externally funded research FS180828 (506 Kb)  

DBB has put a program in place to aid our researchers with grant writing 2021-03-01 (127 Kb)


Receiving grants

When you receive a grant you must always contact your project accountant, Filip MalecMalin Kamb or Sylvia Trunk and hand in the decision/contract. They will see to it that you get a project number registered and can start using the money. They will send the signed contract to the funding agent if that is required, and also help you during the project’s duration.

Note that if the grant is of more than 5 million SEK, the President of SU has to approve the funding.


Reporting and ending of grants

For each grant you are responsible to follow the terms stated in the contract which also includes reporting back to the funder when that is required. Note that you are, of course, always responsible to follow the rules set up by Stockholm University and by the law, for example buying procured goods.

The project accountant will support you through the duration of the project and will assist you with the reconciliation and the figures needed for different types of reports. Financial summary of all of your projects is given at least once a year and, of course when requested.  Each funder has its own terms of what should be included in a report and how often you need to report back to them (scientifically and/or financially).

The project accountant will make sure to close the project after the final report.

Tip, you can use Beslutsstöd/IVS to see your project finances (choose report: Ekonomi Projektrapport). The project accountant can explain how to use it.