It should be easy to shop right!
E-commerce contributes to a more efficient purchasing process and to increased quality and service.
For those of you who want to become a customer (be able to order), sign up for the Online Workshop: E-commerce at SU (E-handel på SU):
When you have completed the workshop, notify Ann, . Ann will then make sure that you become authorized to order.

Approval process when ordering, three steps at DBB:
1. You create the order.
2. Financial administrator (Lollo, SciLifeLab or Lotta, Arrhenius) checks and does the first approval.
3. Authorizing officer (Ann) makes the final approval and signs the order.
Important: Once you have received the item, do not forget to register the delivery in the system.

Links to manuals and video guides for the E-commerce portal. If you scroll down the page, you have it in English.