(NOTE; Stockholm University has reached a new agreement on travel agency services with the business agency Egencia Sweden AB. This goes into sharp operation from July 1st, 2019, so from this date BCD Travel is no longer an option to book your travels.

 Everyone with a SUKAT-log in will automatically get a travel profile. So from the 1st of July please go ahead and book with Egencia instead of BCD Travel. Up until then (30th of June), you book with BCD-Travel as usual.

 You can take a look at the Egencia Resource Center (below), where you will find their help pages, demonstrations, guides and FAQ´s. Click on SE, and you will get the information in Swedish;




If you need to book a trip it is mandatory that you do that through the travel agency of SU, at present BCD Travel.

If you do not have a traveler’s profile, send an e-mail to Alex Tuuling or Lotta Andersson at the DBB secretariat and state that you need to book online. We need from you;

  • your full name (exactly as according to your passport, including middle names)
  • work phone
  • mobile phone
  • date of birth
  • dbb email-address (which will become your official user name)

If you wish to get per diem (traktamente) for the days you were spending abroad or mileage reimbursement for having used your own car, you have to register your travel electronically in Primula. You enter Primula by stating your SUKAT in-log. Choose Travel bill – International or in Sweden.  If you just had regular expenses during your trip choose Expenses and car allowance, you only have to fill out the reimbursement form (see above).  For all reimbursements you have to scan and attach your receipts in Primula as well as hand them in. These should be taped onto a A4 sheet. You should also provide the original travel plan from BCD Travel, any program from the scientific meeting, participants list etc. should also be handed in to Sylvia Trunk together with the registered form. Please note that you have to fill in the account codes yourself. Dept=431, unit=431xx together with activity 30400 and cost carrier 431xxx or  project number (no activity), cost carrier 431xxx.

Receipts which are sent in for scanning, e.g. expense claims for non-employees/non-civic number must be taped on all four sides.

It is not allowed to hand in receipts for food nor for visits to restaurants and similar which are considered as private. If you wish to be reimbursed for your extra costs, you should file for per diem. If you need cash to cover your expenses, you should fill out the form Reseförskott (98 Kb) (Travel Advances) before you start your trip. This should be done a couple of weeks beforehand so that you can be sure of getting the money in time for your travel. After your return, register a travel expense claim as usual and tick the box Travel Advance. If you received more advance than you account for, the deficit will be deducted from your next salary and vice versa.

Information concerning travel can also be found at: http://www.su.se/medarbetare/personal/resor


If you need to book a hotel for a guest in Stockholm you should do this through BCD Travel in case the invoice should be paid by you (the department). If you can not book through BCD you can ask Alex Tuuling to do it for you. If you are a PI you should have access to BCD, all employees contracted before Oct 1, 2016 have a profile, this profile has to be updated by you. In case you are contracted after Oct 1, 2016, please contact Alex Tuuling and he will help you get a profile. Log in for BCD is found here. Your username is always your official SU-mailaddress (dbb-mailaddress).