PhD Studies

PhD Studies

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The research projects at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics cover a number of areas of high international interest, such as molecular studies on, mitochondria: biogenesis, structure & function, lipid biosynthesis & function, protein structure, folding & trafficing, membrane protein topology & assembly, protein-lipid-interactions and  bioinformatics. A number of organisms are used for example plants, mammals, yeast and photosynthetic bacteria. The department is well equipped and within the projects modern gene technology and computer modelling are used as well as other biochemical, biophysical and physiological methods.

Ph.D. positions are announced four times per year, see here

To be accepted as a PhD student, credits corresponding to four years of full-time studies at the undergraduate level are required, including credits corresponding to at least two years of fulltime studies in chemistry, life sciences or physics, depending on the program. The credits should include courses at the advanced level (second cycle) corresponding to one year and of these one semester should be a degree thesis. In order to facilitate the evaluation of merits and suitability for the PhD studies an applicant should provide a curriculum vitae (CV) that contains information about the extent and focus of the academic studies. The quantity (as part of an academic year) and the quality mark of courses in chemistry and physics are of particular interest. Please state titles of undergraduate theses and project works.

The selection among applicants will be based on the judgement of their capacity to successfully complete the PhD program. In practical terms, this means that the study merits will be the main selection criterion. It will therefor be of great importance to be abler to correctly evaluate the applicant´s theoretical as well as practical skills,

Economic support is guaranteed during the agreed time in the individual study syllabus (study plan) for the PhD studies, but for a maximum of 4 years of study. The department may request that the PhD student takes part in teaching, instruction or other departmental work up to 20% of full work time.

Additional information can be obtained from Director of the Ph.D. program or from the Head of Department, see contact info to the right.

Further information and forms for Ph.D. students can be found here

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Associate Head of Department with responsibility for undergraduate studies
Daniel Daley
+46 8 16 2910

Associate Head of Department with responsibility for SciLifeLab
Arne Elofsson
+46 8 16 1019

Director of Doctoral Studies
Pia Ädelroth
+46 8 16 4183

Director of Master's Studies
Anna-Lena Ström
+46 8 16 1267

Director of Bachelor's Studies
Pia Harryson
+46 8 16 4238

Biochemistry Projects (Bachelor's & Master's level)
Peter Brzezinski
+46 8 16 3280

Biophysics Projects (Bachelor's & Master's level)
Jakob Dogan
+46 8 16 2470

Bioinformatics Projects (Master's level)
Arne Elofsson
+46 8 52481531

Traineeships (Bachelor's level)
Andreas Barth

PhD-student Administration
Maria Sallander
+46 8 16 2456


Elisabeth Johansson
+46 8 16 2441

Student Councelling
+46 8 16 3713

School Collaboration
Agneta Norén
+46 8 16 2592

Info for Schools

The department has a long tradition of collaborating with schools in Stockholm to promote interest in Chemistry and Natural sciences. To find out more, contact Agneta Norén who is responsible for our school collaboration (see contact column above).

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