Ville Kaila


Stéphanie Robert receives the award for her studies of the regulation of plant cell growth and plant morphogenesis.

 Ville Kaila receives the award for his theoretical studies in the bioenergetics field, especially proton and electron transport in the respiratory chain enzymes.


The purpose of the Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagberg Foundation is to stimulate and promote scientific research, preferably in the medical and biochemical fields, and each year awards research support to a female and male prominent young researcher in Sweden. The Foundation's grants and awards go to the different categories every two years. In nomination matters, the foundation collaborates with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Karolinska Institutet.


Sven Hagberg (1894-1961) was a civil engineer and grain chemist. He developed a new method for measuring baking properties of flour. The method, "Hagberg Falling Number", is used worldwide today. Ebba-Christina Hagberg (1900-1972) was involved in association work and shared her husband's interest in foreign cultures. The spouses had no children but bequeathed their inheritance to the foundation, which annually awards a prize to two promising researchers.


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