SciLifeLab scientists, Alexey Amunts from DBB and Paul Hudson from KTH have been selected together with Åsa Strand and Alizee Malnoe of Umeå University to set up one of four Research Centers for Future Advanced Technology for Sustainability in Sweden. The six-year program is part of a large-scale initiative from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), aligned with the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. This center is in the area of Plant Biotechnology and will pursue molecular engineering of chloroplasts to enhance both light utilization and metabolic efficiency.

“The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research wants to contribute to meeting the UN's sustainability goals. Therefore, we are looking for solutions to some of the most pressing problems regarding climate change, energy and food supply, and disease control,” says CEO Lars Hultman. “In Sweden we have both high academic competence and progressive industry and healthcare sectors that can utilize the research results. Through these established Research Centers, Sweden can drive sustainable development.”

The four Centers were selected by the SSF based on the quality of the proposed scientific work, and how each fits a global challenge. Each center will receive 50 MSEK financial support, and their work is expected to contribute to the development of Sweden´s long-term competitiveness.


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