Ville Kaila, professor of biochemistry, is awarded the Tage Erlander Prize of SEK 200,000 in research prize and SEK 75,000 for a symposium "for his research efforts in bioenergetics, especially multiscale simulations of electron and proton transfers in biomolecular systems".

Erik Lindahl, professor of biophysics, is awarded the Wallmark Prize of SEK 110,000 "for outstanding computational chemistry efforts in molecular dynamics and the reconstruction of biomolecular structures".

Pål Stenmark, professor of structural biochemistry at Lund University and also associate professor at the the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University, is awarded the Lindbomska reward of SEK 10,000 "for his discovery of a new form of botulinum toxin specifically for the malaria mosquito".

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