Teachers, TAs and administrative staff at the Chemistry Section are currently working hard to ensure we can deliver education of the same quality as under normal circumstances but being as flexible as possible to reduce risk of transmission. This can lead to that you as a student might get less scheduled time in the lab or that you will begin later and finish later (to avoid rush hour traffic) or that you cannot have lunch at KÖL before or after your lab work and you are not able to linger in KÖLs common areas after lectures or labs. We sincerely hope you will manage to find good friends and study buddies and make the most of your time with us.


Guidelines at KÖL

•    After the lab work is done, avoid lingering in KÖLs common areas.
•    Wash your hands properly.
•    Stay at home if you are having any symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and contact your TA immediately to work out remaining course work.
•    Practice physical distancing.
•    Respect that others may have a different idea about what physical distancing means.
•    Do not crowd by the lockers at KÖL.
•    Wash your own lab coat at home.
•    Avoid rush hour as much as possible.
•    Bring lunch that does not need to be heated.
•    Bring your own utensils and containers for drinks to avoid sharing of those.


Course information

Information about under what circumstances and format our courses will run will be continosuly updated in the the course list.


Contact us

Everyone who works with education at the section will be available for questions. Contact information for each course coordinator can be found in the list of the courses. Contact information to the Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office, where our study councilor is,

E-post studentexpedition: exp@kol.su.se

E-post studievägledare: exp@kol.su.se