Agneta Norén, teacher of the year!

Agneta Norén, a researcher at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysicist a very popular teacher and won the award with the following motivation:

"Agneta Norén has the ability to create enthusiasm, participation and a sense of responsibility among the students. The students see Agneta as a clear, responsive and inspiring teacher with a infectours commitment that contributes to their own drive and curiosity. She is student focused and does not duck for difficult  situations, but recognizes the problems and sets clear requirements. Agneta never fails in her enthusiasm or ambition to further develop her pedagogy, and succeeds through the teaching format to get the students comfortable with explaning with what is not understood. Thus, she can adjust the level to the needs of the individual students with the goal that everyone should grow according to their circumstances and that no one is left aside.

Within the Chemistry Section, we place great emphasis on education, and we are incredibly proud of our teachers. Congratulations once again Agneta, you have done a fantastic job!