Martin Högbom, who was selected in the class of biological sciences, is the deputy head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, with 35 research groups and 300 researchers and research students. He was one of the first members of Sweden's young academy and chaired between 2014–2015. Högbom was recently named Wallenberg Scholar and has previously worked as a visiting professor at Stanford University in California.

Martin Högbom
Foto: Magnus Bergström

About Martin Högbom's research

Martin Högbom is a structural biologist and biochemist and maps how universal biological reactions are performed by the cell's enzymes. This knowledge is useful, for example, for the development of new drugs. The main focus of his research is on how enzymes utilize metals to obtain the power required for the basic chemical processes that take place in living organisms. The research group uses molecular biology, spectroscopy and various structural determination methods to understand the interaction between protein and metals in, among other things, the cell's production of DNA building blocks and in the large protein complexes that control the cell's energy conversion. The research also includes the development of new methods for structural determination of biological macromolecules.


Other new members

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In the class of biological sciences: Taija Mäkinen and Staffan Svärd, Uppsala University.
In the medical sciences class: Barbara Canlon, Karolinska Institutet.