Sep 29, 2021  11:00-13:00 at Magnélisalen or online here:

  1. Introduction (Arne Elofsson)
  2. Swedish parental laws, regulations and customs (My Jegenberg)
    1. Parental leave - rights pay etc.
    2. Child care - laws - practices etc.
    3. Sick leave for kids (VAB)
  3. Statistics on parental leave at DBB (Arne Elofsson)
  4. Personal examples of how parental life has affected your academic career
    1. Arne Elofsson
    2. David Drew
  5. Discussion in small groups (mixed with parents/non-parents)
    1. What are your thoughts on having kids and do an academic career?
    2. What could the university/DBB do to facilitate?
    3. What could society (laws, customs expectation) do to make it easier
  6. Summary


Sign up here if you want to have a sandwich at the seminar (location Magnélisalen), at the latest September 26th.