Oct 18, 2018, Stockholm University

Arrhenius Laboratories

Thursday 18/10



9:00 Arrival and welcome


9:05 Ville Kaila
Introduction to computational biochemistry


9:10 Andrea Di Luca/Alexander Jussupow (20 min):

Dynamics and function of bacterial and mitochondrial complex I


9:25 Sophie Mader (15 min): Engineering enzymes


9:45 Max Mülbauer/Michael Röpke (20 min):

From in silico to in vitro and back again: integrated protein design


10:10 Coffee break


10:40 Pia Ädelroth



11:00 Maximilian Kahle

Structure and mechanism of the NorQ/NorD complex: a metal insertion AAA+ chaperone complex


11:20 Pontus Petterson

Structure and dynamics of the versatile protein transporter TatA


11:40 Biao Fu

Towards understanding of the chloroplast galactoplipid biosynthesis – purification and characterization of at DGD2


12:10 Lunch (in front of Magnelisalen)




13:10 Yurie Chatzikyriakidou

An engineered thermal shift screen reveals specific lipid preferences of eukaryotic and prokaryotic membrane proteins


13:30 Abdul Aziz Qureshi

Establiishing the molecular determinants of sugar specificity in the malarial hexose transporter pfHT1


13:50 Markus Björk

Control of transmembrane charge transfer in cytochrome c oxidase by the membrane potential


14:10 Johanna Vilhjalmsdottir

Proton transfer reactions in cytochrome c oxidases


14:30 Federica Poiana

Investigation of ba3 oxygen reduction kinetics


14:50 Coffee Break


15:20 Dan Sjöstrand

Superoxide oxidase: Productive quenching of membrane-proximal superoxide by ubiquinone reduction


15:40 Vivek Srinivas

Metal-free ribonucleotide reductase and XFEL studies of high-valent metal site intermediates


16:00 Kristine Grave

Structural basis for M. tuberculosis phosphatidylinositol phosphate synthesis


16:20 Benjamin Wiseman

Structure of a functional obligate respiratory supercomplex from M. smegmatis


16:40 Discussion


17:00 Dinner


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