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  • A roadmap for gene expression in mitochondria 2020-09-02 A new study from the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics reveals the molecular connectivity of processes implicated in the synthesis of proteins within mitochondria. The study is published in the scientific journal Molecular Cell.
  • A ribosome odyssey in mitochondria 2020-08-31 The ciliate mitoribosome structure provides new insights into the diversity of translation and its evolution.
  • Unexpected differences between rats and mice gives new insight into the male parental brain 2020-08-24 By making use of an unexpected species difference between rats and mice, scientists have identified a system in the brain that controls how males behave when they become fathers. A central component in this system is the hormone, prolactin, which has previously been shown to prepare the female for motherhood. The researchers were also able to control how much interest the males took in their offspring by experimental manipulations.
  • Faculty guidelines and recommendations during the ongoing Corona outbreak 2020-08-07 Faculty of Science established guidelines and recommendations for teaching, deviations from established curriculum, VFU as well as dissertations and licentiate seminars during the ongoing Corona outbreak (in swedish)
  • Information about studies at the Chemistry Section Fall 2020 2020-07-17 From the 15th of June 2020 the requirements for distance learning will be removed and in accordance with the Stockholm University’s Presidents decision we will partially return to campus-based teaching in the autumn as much as possible. Parts of the teaching will need to be given remotely to reduce the spread of infection. Recommendations on physical distancing and requirement to limit number of people gathered to a maximum of 50 persons remain. The University continues to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority.
  • Congratulations Agneta Norén, Teacher of the Year 2020! 2020-06-26 For the third year running, the "Teacher of the Year" award goes to the Chemistry Section! This year, the well-deserved winner is named Agneta Norén, who teaches biochemistry on the Bachelor's program in chemistry.