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  • Revealing how the cell uptakes sugar 2021-05-06 Over half of our drugs impact proteins found on the cell membrane. These include the membrane proteins that regulate uptake of sugar by cells. Wallenberg Scholar David Drew is breaking new ground by adding to our understanding of the structure and function of transport proteins.
  • Stockholm University receives four ERC Advanced Grants 2021-04-23 Four researchers at Stockholm University including Christian Broberger at DBB are awarded prestigious ERC Advanced Grants. Their areas of research are within theater studies, neurochemistry and physics.
  • A glimpse into the formation of a mitoribosome 2021-04-19 An assembly intermediate of the ribosomal large subunit in mitochondria reveals 22 associated factors that cooperatively organize its biogenesis.
  • Several prizes awarded to DBB scientists by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. 2021-04-15 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) rewards seven researchers for their work in physics, chemistry, medicine and economic sciences, as well as for initiatives that have promoted Swedish research. Three of the researchers come from the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University.
  • What I cannot create, I do not understand – exploring proteins by artificial design 2021-03-30 Researchers in the Ville Kaila Lab at Stockholm University and Technical University of Munich have designed artificial proteins that show how proteins stabilize essential charged networks while folding into their exact three-dimensional shape. The study was published in the prestigious Nature Communication-journal.
  • Electron cryo-microscopy sheds light on how bioenergy makers are made in our body 2021-02-22 Using advanced infrastructure at SciLifeLab and Stockholm University, scientists uncover how the body’s energy makers are made. A new paper published in Science by Alexey Amunts’ laboratory with an international team of researchers reports the molecular mechanism of membrane-tethered protein synthesis in mitochondria.