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  • Cell Boundaries: How Membranes and Their Proteins Work 2022-01-04 By Stephen H White, Gunnar von Heijne, Donald M Engelman
  • Gunnar von Heijne New version of the SignalP signal peptide predictor 2022-01-04 A new version of the widely used SignalP predictor has been published in Nature Methods, as a result of a collaboration between Danish researchers and Gunnar von Heijne at DBB. The new method is based on Protein Language Models, a powerful machine-learning approach that has not previously been applied in this field. SignalP 6.0 has been tailored to predict five different kinds of signal peptides and can be applied to metagenomic data of unknown species provenance.
  • Eva Hedlunds forskargrupp Basic research for the benefit of ALS patients 2022-01-12 By understanding why certain nerve cells and the muscles they control are resistant to fading in the deadly disease ALS, it is possible to create new possibilities for treatments. Researchers at Stockholm University are now trying to identify and transfer the properties of these resistant nerve cells.
  • Researchers at DBB explore the functional dynamics of an ancient membrane-bound hydrogenase 2021-12-01 Biological energy conversion is based on membrane-bound proteins that convert chemical or light energy into an electro-chemical gradient across a biological membrane. The primordial archaea convert energy by membrane-bound hydrogenases (Mbh) that produce hydrogen gas (H2) and couples this to proton pumping and Na+/H+ exchange across the archaeal membranes. However, the molecular principles of its redox-driven ion-transport mechanism remain puzzling and of major interest for understanding bioenergetic principles of early cells.
  • Christian Broberger awarded council professorship by the Swedish Research Council 2021-11-25 The Swedish Research Council has decided on council professorships in medicine and health. Of the three new professorships, one is awarded to Stockholm University.
  • Researchers granted funding from the Swedish Cancer Society 2021-11-25 Six researchers at Stockholm University including David Drew, Einar Hallberg and Mats Nilsson at DBB are granted grants corresponding to a total of SEK 18.6 million from the Swedish Cancer Society.