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Recent news

  • A radical new way to make DNA 2018-11-01 New research reveals that Mycoplasma pathogens make DNA in a unique way that may protect them from our immune response. The result could provide new avenues to combat the pathogens that utilize this strategy. The study is published today in the scientific journal Nature.
  • Three researchers receive EU-funding from MSCA 2018-10-25 Three researchers at Stockholm University have been awarded funding from Marie Skłodowska Curie (MSCA), which is EU´s Research Mobility Program. The projects are in the fields of biochemistry and biophysics, molecular bioscience and astronomy.
  • New method for the interactions of membrane proteins with ligands and lipids 2018-10-23 Researchers from Stockholm University have developed an assay (GFP-TS) that has enabled them to understand how lipids influence the stability of membrane proteins. This method can further be applied for elucidating the function of orphan membrane proteins and for the development of novel drugs against them.
  • How electric fields in living cells control the currents of life 2018-08-13 In living organisms energy is provided in a process that involves separation of charges across membranes by large membrane-protein complexes. The voltage that is maintained across these membranes is equivalent to an electric field strength of about 100 000 V/cm. How these large field strengths influence the function of the membrane-imbedded protein complexes has until now remained unknown.
  • Three researchers at Stockholm University receive ERC Starting Grants 2018-08-07 Three researchers at Stockholm University, including Alexey Amunts at DBB receive the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council, ERC. Project funding amounts to up to 1.5 million euros each.