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Recent news

  • Astrid Gräslund at DBB has been awarded the prestigious Bror Holmberg-medal 2018-05-24 Astrid Gräslund, Professor Emeritus in Biophysics at Stockholm University, has been awarded the prestigious Bror Holmberg-medal for her outstanding research to map the processes that cause proteins to fold incorrectly in the brain and form senile plaques in for example, patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The ceremony takes place at the Chemical Association, Lund University on the 24th of May. (further info in Swedish)
  • Dr. Anna Forsby has been awarded The Björn Ekwall Memorial Award 2018 2018-05-21 Associate professor Anna Forsby, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and Swetox is the recipient of the Björn Ekwall Memorial Award for the year 2018 in recognition of her scientific achievements in the field of cellular neurotoxicology and development of non-animal test methods.
  • The 2018 Cancer Society Junior Investigator Award is granted to Alexey Amunts at DBB 2018-05-24 Amunts from Stockholm University and SciLifeLab is one of the four early career investigators that were selected to receive a six-year research support. “Our research group studies how proteins are synthesized folded and assembled into functional multicomponent membrane complexes that drive the cellular energy production. These processes are reported to be upregulated in cancer,” explains Amunts.
  • Small membrane proteins regulate respiration in mitochondria 2018-03-22 Energy conversion in living organisms is carried out by large protein complexes composed of multiple components. Small regulatory proteins control this process by changing the distance between these components and modulating their activities. In a recent publication, the structure of such a small regulatory protein was determined, revealing surprising features that are tightly linked to its function.
  • A biological switch regulates the amounts of DNA building blocks 2018-02-02 The enzyme that produces DNA building blocks continues to amaze. The latest surprise is that the enzyme’s on/off switch is positioned at a completely novel site in some marine bacteria. Evolution has once again used an existing component in a new way.