Dear colleagues,

2017 is rapidly coming  to an end, and the DDD platform at SciLifeLab would like to share some recent developments with you. 

During 2017, the Swedish government presented a new research and innovation bill. The new bill defines SciLifeLab, MaxIV, and ESS as the national Swedish research infrastructures with direct support from the government. The bill also emphasizes that the infrastructures should be open to industrial users, and there is an expectation that the infrastructures help strengthen the link between academia and industry and promotes the utilization of obtained results in society.
As you will be able to see in this newsletter, the Drug Discovery & Development platform at SciLifeLab are working hard to fulfill the governments expectations by making technologies and know-how available to the whole Swedish research community through novel drug discovery programs, new technologies and methodologies, and events that facilitates interactions between actors in the life-science community. 

We hope you will enjoy the reading and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Per Arvidsson & Kristian Sandberg
Platform directors


SciLifeLab Drug Discovery & Development Newsletter Dec 2017