From today, all new students, postdocs and researchers who join DBB are required attend an introductory session before they are allowed to use the department centrifuges. This is to ensure that our equipment is being used safely and looked after properly, which means fewer problems with the machines for everyone.


If you are supervising students or postdocs, we ask you to ensure that they attend a session before they use the room for the first time. To make an appointment for a training session you should email us at centrifuges@dbb.su.se. A training form is now being given to each new department member with the other safety documentation, which is to be handed in at the training session.


Existing users do not need to attend any training, but nonetheless we encourage you to attend a session if possible (we will announce when we are holding them). 


The introduction covers:

Basic housekeeping in the room

Rotor handling and sample loading

How to run the machine

Basic rotor care


The session doesn’t cover any experimental specifics, as these vary for each lab. Inexperienced new users should also be supervised a few times by someone experienced until they are confident in using the machines alone.