Most of the information required can be found in the  PhD Hand book (137 Kb) dated 151211, together with  Appendix A (General study plans) (91 Kb) and   Appendix B (The oral exam in Biochemistry) (34 Kb) .


Also check out our  Checklist for new students (24 Kb) .


 Annual evaluation of Individual Study plan in the PhD program (952 Kb)

 Report on 1st/2nd Checkpoint (395 Kb)

 Contributions to publications in PhD thesis (259 Kb)

 Application for PhD studies in Biochemistry (64 Kb)

 Application for PhD studies in Biophysics (63 Kb)

 Application for PhD studies in Bioinformatics (64 Kb)


Regulations concerning the public defence of a doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Science: in  Swedish (166 Kb) and  English (226 Kb)

 Form for Booking of Dissertation (143 Kb)