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Under "Min sida/My page" you find:
Personal information - about your salary, vacation etc.
Travel bill - for online registration, for use mainly when you apply for per-diem allowance, traktamente.
Expences/car allowance - A signed copy (for students also by project leader) should be given/sent to Ted Helmer Lessnert together with original receipts.

 Lathund utlägg och representation i Primula (238 Kb)
 Handledning Min Sida (803 Kb)
 Guideline My page (811 Kb)


BCD Travel

New employees who need to register a traveller profile should contact Lotta Sturell or Alex Tuuling. We need the following information: your names (exactly stated as according to your passport, including middle name), work phone, mobile phone, DBB-email address, and date of birth.

When you activate your traveller profile you must state your full DBB-email address and a password will be sent to you at that address.


For foreign guests:

Insurance for researchers  Living in Sweden  Visa information  Handbook for Postgraduate Students


PhD information:

Välkommen som doktorand vid Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten

 Om disputation inom det Naturvetenskapliga området (119 Kb)

Further information will be found in the "Information and forms for PhD students" section on this website, under Dissertation.


Invoice information:

Stockholms University has switched to a new (common) invoice adress from May 2013:

Stockholms Universitet
Postbox 50741
202 70 Malmö

When ordering, it is essential that you give reference to our department number "431 your name". See example  here (43 Kb) .


Degree projects:

 Degree project instructions 2017 (76 Kb)
 Project plan Degree Project (41 Kb)

Research Projects:

 Research project instructions 2017 (72 Kb)
 Project Plan Research Project (37 Kb)


Other Forms:

 Disputationsregler Naturvetenskapliga området (svenska) (166 Kb)
 Regulations concerning the public defence of a doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Science (english) (226 Kb)
 Dissertation form (143 Kb)
 Riktlinjer för representation (255 Kb)
 Guidelines for gifts and hospitality at Stockholm University (225 Kb)

 Before leaving DBB (19 Kb)
 Application to work abroad (23 Kb)
 Expense claim, foreign bank account (140 Kb)
 Expense claim, swedish bank account (134 Kb)
 Parental leave (158 Kb)
 Redovisning bisyssla (651 Kb)
 Performance Review with a doctoral student (605 Kb)