List of common questions and who can answer them.
You can also download  Handbook for International Researchers (1035 Kb) and  You and Your Workplace (289 Kb)




If I receive a grant.

My Jegenberg/Mona Hagberg

If I need to know the amount of money left on an external project.

My Jegenberg/Mona Hagberg

If I need to report back to a granting agency.

My Jegenberg/Mona Hagberg/Ann Nielsen

If I am going to apply for a grant and need to fill out "projektmallen".

Ann Nielsen

If I have got a stipend to purchase something.

My Jegenberg/Mona Hagberg/Ann Nielsen

Questions regarding invoices.

Charlotta Sturell



Registration of PhD courses.

Pia Ädelroth/Maria Sallander

Questions related to PhD dissertations.

Maria Sallander/Alex Tuuling

If I need to know how much time that is left for my PhD studies.

Maria Sallander/Ann Nielsen



If I need a permit to purchase ethanol.

Ann Nielsen

If I need a customer number for "SU-butiken".

Ann Nielsen



Registering a traveller profile with BCD Travel and other questions regarding traveling.

Charlotta Sturell/Alex Tuuling

If I am going to travel and need an insurance card.

Charlotta Sturell

If I have travelled and need to fill out a travel bill.

Ted Helmer Lessnert



Entry cards and keys.

Alex Tuuling

SUKAT-account/mail-address for new employees.

Alex Tuuling

General questions for PhD students, e.g. vacations, parental leave, sick leave etc.

Maria Sallander

General questions for other employees, e.g. vacations, parental leave, sick leave etc.

My Jegenberg

If I want to get reimbursement for "friskvård" (e.g. the gym or other related activities).

My Jegenberg

If I want to obtain reimbursement for health care or prescribed medication.

My Jegenberg



Booking of external seminar rooms (e.g the Magneli hall).

Alex Tuuling

Updating of the DBB webpage.

Alex Tuuling

If I need a document registered in W3D3.

Alex Tuuling/Ann Nielsen

Questions related to computers.

Peter Nyberg

Contact with the cleaning personnel.

Ann Nielsen

Mail, e.g. sending courier mail.

Alex Tuuling/Håkan Thorén

If I have injured myself and need to file a form.

Britt-Marie Olsson/Pål Stenmark