You can book our internal seminar rooms HERE. You log in with your SUKAT-password.

The rooms included are;

Floor 2 computer room (A244)
C-course Lab (A371)
Floor 3 kitchen
Floor 5 kitchen
Floor 3 "Lilla Konferensrummet" (K321)
Floor 3 "Stora Konferensrummet" (K317)
(Note that K321 and K317 can be made into one large seminar room taking 36 people, but in this case both rooms need to be booked)

For booking of seminar rooms in KÖL (including Magnéli hall), please contact Alex, Lotta or Malin at the secretariat.

All booking of scheduled courses is handled by KÖL directly though, please contact;


Phone: 08-16 3709, 08-16 3716